We had to have our little Cairn Terrier `Dorit` transported from Napier, NZ to Heathrow,UK.

She`s home and it is wonderful to have her back! She recognised us straight away and seemed really pleased to see us. She`s already had her first walk and her first bath and she`s all cosy in her NZ sheepskin.

 Very many thanks for organising things so well and for all the prompt returns to my many enquiries. I would say that I would be happy to use your services again, but as Dorit has moved from UK to NZ and back again all within 16 months, I guess none of us relishes the prospect of any more upheaval. Not least Dorit.We were all very disappointed that we could not spend more time in NZ. Who knows, maybe we`ll go back and visit before too long.

I am profoundly grateful to you and your staff for Dorit`s safe passage from NZ.

Kritta-Krates has been marvellous.

Maggie & Jeremy Arter

Hereford, UK. May, 2002

Last December I had to move back to Holland after 2 years in New Zealand. During my stay I bought 2 lovely Jack Russell terriers and I wasn`t going to leave them behind.

The problem was, how am I going to find someone who is reliable enough to organize this for me. So I started looking in the yellow pages and on the internet. I called everyone I could find and then what The only thing to do was ask for references. Warwick was the only one who actually gave references, and I spoke to one customer on the phone.

The references and the way Warwick explained the whole procedure to me made me decide to choose Kritta-Krates, Warwick even organized the dogs on the same flight as myself. I must say I was quite stressed at the time and if I could I would have flown to Amsterdam together with my dogs in the cargo area of the plane.

And now but not least my two little gangsters. I dropped them off at Warwick`s place close to Auckland airport and I almost died when I had to leave them behind. I can assure you, I didn`t fly as comfortably as I used to. They were on mind the whole trip for 28 hours.

When I picked them up in Amsterdam within 2 hours after landing, they were perfect, really perfect. After a long pee, we rolled around the Dutch custom building. Then I knew it was the right choice I have made! All the paperwork was ok and we went straight home to the beach for a good run.

Both the dogs have adjusted well over here in Holland and are as stubborn as Terriers can be.

Warwick, Thanks a lot for all the things you have done for me.



Ronald Starrenburg

The Hague


 April, 2002

" Thank you Warwick and staff at Kritta-Krates for the excellent job done in flying my Labrador from Dunedin, NZ to New York.

I appreciated your complete knowledge of the paperwork and detailed procedure involved in this big move. The whole process went very smoothly and was conducted mostly by emails from here in the States. Most importantly my dog arrived in great condition and seemed to be unperturbed by the 16+ hours of flying!

I would recommend your company to anyone who needs to transport their pet and thank you again for all of the little things you did for Jack to make him feel at ease ".

Brad Mitchell

Connecticut, USA 1 August 2001

When we had to move from NZ to the UK our Labrador (Bella) had to stay behind four months before she could fly over to join us.

Bella stayed with a friend of mine and I left Warwick at Kritta-Krates to take care of all Bella`s paperwork and flight details. Warwick took care of everything including the best flight deal and quickest direct route.

Bella arrived safely without any stress into the UK not a day late and with all paperwork needed.

I didn`t need to worry about a thing, the service Warwick provided and the communication with Warwick via email was excellent. I would recommend Kritta-Krates to anyone wanting to transport their loved pet abroad.

 Nicole Mackie

Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Thank you so very much Warwick for everything you did to make my Chihuahua Lily`s flight to Toronto, Canada from New Zealand as stress free and easy as possible.

After trying to get my dog transported to Canada via USA after the shocking events of September 11th, things were not looking good.

With embargos placed on many airlines I felt that I was never going to get my dog to Canada.

Warwick you gave 110% and I now have my dog in Toronto, Canada and all on time.

I would not hesitate in recommending Kritta-Krates to anyone wishing to transport their animals in comfort.
Thank you once again.

Mrs Joanne Boyd Ontario, Canada

Dear Warwick,


We picked Lucy and Enzo up on Saturday morning and were delighted to find two very calm cats! I certainly thought Lucy might find the trip to Sydney a bit of an ordeal but she was absolutely fine and settled into the new house very quickly.

 Surprisingly, “cat camp” seems to have put right the hierarchical issues we had – she is now ruling the roost and is very quick to put Enzo in his place. It is a lovely change to have her sleeping on our bed again (under the covers!!), rather than hiding in a corner somewhere while Enzo bullies her. As for Enzo, the constant search for food continues.

 Thank you all so very much for the care and attention you took in looking after Lucy and Enzo. I was very impressed each time I visited, at not only your facilities but also the effort you all took to ensure our babies were well looked after. I really appreciate the extra time it took to arrange things such as Lucy’s vet visits….. it made quite a stressful period a lot easier for us to know the cats were in such good hands.

Working with Kritta-Krates was such a great experience, from the very contact we had. You should all be very proud of what you do!!

 All the best and thank you all once again.

Jana & Garry

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